Glass Food Containers

Glass Food Containers

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      Large Glass Containers With Lids

      The production of large glass food containers involves melting and molding glass into different shapes. These large glass containers with lids do not affect the taste or quality of what is stored inside due to their non-reactive nature.
      Our glass food storage containers are a testament to quality and functionality. With our glass containers, you will always know what's inside at a glance. Elevate your storage game with our exquisite range of containers, thoughtfully designed in various sizes and shapes to cater to your every need. Razab’s glass containers with lids are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

      Exploring the Sizes of Glass Food Storage Containers

      In order to meet your specific demands, we offer a diverse range of glass container sizes to cater to your every storage need. Whether you need a compact solution for keeping sauces, soups, curry items, fruits, and vegetables, or a larger vessel for storing bulk items, meat, or other leftovers, Razab has got you all covered.

      Our glass food storage containers with locking lids come in different sizes. We have a wide range starting from the extra-large glass container is 6500ML, with a locking lid and handle, the largest glass container is 3300ML, followed by 2260ML, 2200ML, 1200ML, 800ML, and the small ones of 540ML of size. We also have round glass containers with sizes 250ML, 470ML, 950ML, and 1650ML. They are available in sets.

      Why should you prefer Razab’s glass food containers over other brands?


      Quality You Can Trust

      At Razab, quality is our top priority. Our glass food storage containers are made from Borosilicate Glass gives it distinct properties and several benefits over other products made from traditional glass. You can trust that your Razab containers will endure the test of time, providing reliable and durable storage for years to come


      Trusted Brand

      With a reputation for excellence, Razab is a brand you can rely on. You can be confident you're getting the greatest glass container technology because of our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and ongoing research on new product development and improvement.


      Eco-friendly and Sustainable

      We are aware of the significance of sustainability in the modern environment. Glass containers with lids from Razab are not only recyclable but also environmentally beneficial, helping to preserve the environment. By choosing Razab’s glass lunch containers, you are making an environmentally responsible decision.


      Versatility in Sizes

      No two storage needs are the same, and that is why Razab offers a wide variety of container sizes. We have the containers you need, whether you need small containers, medium-sized, large, or extra large, for bulk storage. With our selection, you may discover the ideal fit for whatever item you want to keep

      Common Uses of Glass Containers That Add Elegance to Your Daily Routine

      Frequently Asked Questions

      To accommodate diverse delivery preferences, we provide a variety of shipping options. During the checkout process, the various shipping choices, related fees, and anticipated delivery times will be shown. Yes, depending on where you are, we also provide free delivery.

      Yes, Razab glass containers are completely safe for food storage. They are free from harmful chemicals and are designed to maintain the freshness and flavor of your food. They are BPA-free, heat resistant up to 980°F, and thermal shock resistant up to 248°F.

      Certainly yes! You can order replacement lid’s of any size you want against your glass container from our website.

      We take great care to properly package and secure your product for delivery. However, if your product does happen to be damaged in transit or is missing, or whether you have received a wrong product delivery, please get in touch with our customer care team right away. Our team will get in touch with you and will make every effort to fix the problem and help you come up with a workable solution.