frequently asked questions

Check below for quick, easy answers to the most popular questions from our customers.

Yes. In fact, Razab containers are made from 100% High Borosilicate Glass, the highest-quality Glass available. You can rest easy knowing that Razab containers do not contain fillers that could leach into your food.

Borosilicate glass is a special kind of glass which incorporates two chemicals in high concentration: boron trioxide and silica. These safe and environmentally friendly chemicals make borosilicate glass more heat resistant than other forms of glass on the market.

All our Lids are made up of BPA-Free Plastic.

A product that is BPA free is one which does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A in its construction

Yes! They were designed for the dishwasher, so all Razab containers have large rounded corners for easy cleaning. Most importantly, all Razab containers stay open for better cleaning and drying! They are top or bottom rack safe.

Yes! Razab containers are completely microwave safe. And unlike plastics, they don't contain BPA, lead, phthalates or PVC that can leach into your food when heated. Razab containers won't warp or melt in the microwave

Remember to remove the lid before microwaving and be careful when contents are hot.

Yes, Razab containers are completely freezer safe. Unlike plastic Containers, Razab containers are a one-piece design that won't tear or burst in the freezer.

Most foods will not stain your Razab containers. In rare cases, Try rubbing with a baking soda and water mixture and let sit for 4 hours. Rinse well and then wash as usual.

Yes! All our Containers are Airtight Leak Proof

Yes, orders over $49 which are shipping to the United States (except Alaska and Hawaii) qualify for free shipping. Orders shipping outside of the US are not eligible for free shipping. 

Orders for in-stock items typically ship within 1-2 business days of when you place your order. Sales events and holidays may delay shipment by a day or two.